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China Guangzhou Shengfan New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a diversified domestic enterprise engaged in the production, decoration design, and construction engineering serialization of glass fiber reinforced Gypsum&glass fiber reinforced Concrete new building decoration materials. The company is equipped with a strong and professional design team with rich experience in domestic and foreign large-scale architectural design and construction, providing customers with personalized construction design solutions. All along, Shengfan has won high praise from all sectors of society with its first-class management, service, quality, and technology. After years of continuous promotion of management and technological innovation, our company now has rich experience in production quality management and construction. In recent years, in response to the diversified needs of the market, the company has adhered to the service tenet of innovation, scientific research, and art, concentrated resources to create a fully technological diversified GRG, GRC, and FRP new art building materials, creating value for customers, optimizing urban planning, and adding masterpieces to creating a charming city. Shengfan New Materials, Leading the Industry's cutting-edge, Sailing Your Own Art Kingdom!


*Shengfan positioning - sharp vision and broad vision

Shengfan, a diversified new type of art building material production enterprise in China, has created the soul of art through diversification. The company is a leader in the industry in terms of design, production, and installation of GRG and GRC art building materials.

*Shengfan Technology - leading in the industry and surpassing the others

Shengfan is equipped with cutting-edge equipment throughout the entire process, a world-class CNC machining center for molds, and a standard flat panel production line.


*Shengfan Service - Professional and meticulous, high-quality and comprehensive

Only you can imagine, there is nothing that Shengfan cannot do. Shengfan tailors diversified service plans for each customer, from deepening design to construction and installation, with a professional team following up, providing high-quality, professional, and thoughtful services in all aspects!

Mature GRC/GRG production enterprises in China

Materials determine quality, while formulas determine lifespan. Our company has exclusive authorization to import mature formulas, GRC/GRG exclusive materials, and mature process flow.

Shengfan China, with rich installation experience

The quality of GRC/GRG materials depends on the material, the length of service life depends on the formula, and whether the effect can be achieved is determined by installation. Our company has experienced project managers with many years of construction experience in the industry.


Shengfan New Materials, GRC/GRG Service Expert

Having its own exclusive GRC/GRG design firm, encompassing design experience in the domestic GRC/GRG industry

Rich designers and experience are the guarantee for smooth construction.

Shengfan, worthy of your trust!


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